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Ideas Lab’s Jim Shaffer co-organizer for CATMIN Conference

“In the first edition of the meeting, CATMIN (Cold ATom Molecule INteractions) was a new satellite meeting of ICPEAC devoted to the study of atomic and molecular systems, where long-range interactions and the extreme properties of highly excited electrons produce new physics and lead to new technologies. CATMIN’s objective is to strengthen the links between cold atom physics, molecular physics, chemistry and condensed matter physics, so that new concepts and breakthroughs can emerge. Ions, atoms and molecules are naturally made quantum systems that can be controlled with light and low frequency electromagnetic fields, thus lending themselves to precision investigations and use in quantum technologies. The second CATMIN conference will be held a few days before the ICAP, which is a major conference in AMO physics, with the idea that scientists can attend both meetings. The CATMIN meeting will be a two-day conference held at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, ON, centered on Rydberg-atom physics, cold ion physics and the interplay between these experimental platforms.”