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Quantum Navigation: Electrical Engineer

Quantum Valley Ideas Laboratory (QVIL) is a not-for-profit organisation located in Waterloo, Ontario, the heart of Canada’s ‘Quantum Valley,’ and aims to solve challenging, real-world problems with quantum solutions.

QVIL is currently hiring for an electrical engineer to join our quantum navigation team. The quantum navigation project aims to apply cutting-edge control theory and device engineering to an excellent quantum sensor, the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond. We require an experimentalist who will address challenges in building and testing proof-of-concept navigation testbeds and migrating solutions to packaged devices. Suitable applicants will have experience in designing and testing microwave devices. The scientifically and technically challenging project will be carried out with an interdisciplinary team of academic and industry researchers to facilitate rapid development in technology readiness and real-world testing.

Applicants should have an advanced degree (PhD) or equivalent experience in physics, applied mathematics, or electrical engineering and should have a background in experimental quantum systems, especially microwave design. Experience with FPGAs, robotics, magnetic resonance, quantum optics, or optimal control theory are beneficial.

The position will be for two years with the possibility of renewal. A successful applicant will join an interdisciplinary team of researchers from QVIL and the University of Waterloo and interface with industry representatives to translate proof-of-concept demonstrations to commercial solutions.

Quantum Valley Ideas Lab is committed to diversity and inclusion. A diverse workforce with a wide range of perspectives and ideas benefits our goals. We encourage qualified applicants from all backgrounds to apply. If you require an alternative format for this job posting, please email “careers@qvil.ca”.

Applicants should provide a full CV and a cover letter explaining their interest in the position.

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